Welcome to Context Scanner 

Context Scanner is a marketing and consumer research agency with offices in Sweden and Spain.

Our mission is to find useful information on consumers and brands, for which we use a range of innovative research products such as the Context Scanner. The management has more than 10 years of experience from leading global research networks as well as from advertising agencies and sales departments. We also work in close cooperation with psychologists, sociologists and computer interaction experts.

Context Scanner conducts first level market research, meaning various types of studies aiming at understanding consumers and b2b clients. Our aim is to get as close to reality and possible using tools that reduces obstacles that often prevents consumers from contributing with true and inspired information in market research.

Two of our products are the Context Scanner, to harvest insights on consumer perceptions of brands, and Buzz Scanner, a real time tracking of what is said about you or your competitors in social media.












Context Scanner, Kåkbrinken 11A, 111 27 Stockholm, SWEDEN. Tel +46 8 344000


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