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Context Scanner is an image and sound based tool that analyzes brands, resembling the way consumer normally interact with brands, in a fast intuitive and semi-structured setting.


By using projective methods proven in focus groups in an on-line application we can get results that are more robust, global, easy to collect and at the same time at a lower cost compared to off-line alternatives.


The tool represents an innovative data collection interface with powerful back end capabilities for analysis and extrapolations of results. If you want to know what consumers think about your brand in their everyday life rather than in a research setting, then you should use Context Scanner.




What can Context Scanner be used for?

-To answer the question: "How do consumers perceive our brand?" (and compare with how the management views the brand in Context Scanner)


-Customer segmentation and brand positioning

-Measure impact of advertising campaigns on brand image


-Pre-campaign testing of the potential impact of ads on brand image


-To generate ideas for product development and packaging design

-Brief advertising agencies and other creative teams in "their own
language", avoiding dull market research reports


How can it be used?


It can be used booth in guided and unguided research. You can test theories you might have about your brand or competing brands. You can also conduct digital and truly global brainstorms about brands and concepts, using global high quality consumer panels and getting statistically safe results for global markets.


How does is work


Each context scanner project has five phases:


-         Analysis of your challenge

-         Configuration of tool & panels

-         Data collection

-         Analysis of results with implications

-         Presentation of results and evaluation of project


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Context Scanner is a marketing and consumer research agency with offices in Sweden and Spain. 

Our mission is to find useful information on consumers and brands, for which we use a range of innovative research products such as the Context Scanner. The management has more than 10 years of experience from leading global research networks as well as from advertising agencies and sales departments. We also work in close cooperation with psychologists, sociologists and computer interaction experts.