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Attitudes guide client’s decisions. We examine attitudes among consumers and B2B-clients. We enter consumer and B2B target-groups, using a set of techniques in order to provide you with the picture your clients perceive - based on their attitudes. This may differ quite significantly from what you see when looking in the mirror.


Typical fields of study are:


In what context do consumers see our brand? What do our competitors say about us? Who feels attracted to our solutions, and who might feel threatened by them? How do clients view our competitors and their products?



Explaining sales data


Companies are often up-to-date with performance of sales, both on a market-level and on a brand level. Measuring sales is nothing we do, but we do conduct in-depth studies to find out the reasons behind market developments. These studies often include face-to-face interviews with relevant industry players as well as surveys towards consumers and B2B clients.





Knowing the demand helps companies to better allocate resources in product- development and marketing. When dealing with new consumer groups, or new countries, the potential demand can be hard to estimate. For innovative products it is critical to evaluate clients’ interest in the "concept".  A third party analysis is often necessary to prevent groupthink and wishful thinking when making strategic decisions. Typical fields of study are:


To what degree do clients understand/appreciate the benefits of our new technical solution? Can we adjust our innovation process or marketing to increase sales? How many companies have a solution for X today?  How much do clients spend yearly on X? What in-house activities would companies prefer to outsource? How big are the total sales of a new type of product on the market?












Context Scanner, Timmermansgatan 33, 118 55 Stockholm, SWEDEN. Tel +46 8 344000

Context Scanner is a marketing and consumer research agency with offices in Sweden and Spain. 

Our mission is to find useful information on consumers and brands, for which we use a range of innovative research products such as the Context Scanner. The management has more than 10 years of experience from leading global research networks as well as from advertising agencies and sales departments. We also work in close cooperation with psychologists, sociologists and computer interaction experts.